Parent Handbook


The Happy Kids Day Care Program, operates under the auspices of the Emmanuel Reformed Church, offering a Christian program that promotes the total physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual growth of children, ages six weeks through five years.

Our primary goal is to provide a loving, caring and safe environment where children can learn as much as possible at a developmentally appropriate level. We strive to enable the children to feel secure, confident and free to explore and question. Our staff seeks to promote a warm and friendly atmosphere in both words and deeds every day.

Christian Day Care is viewed as a way of caring for children, and not as a Christian education program where children are instructed in the doctrines and beliefs of a particular religious faith. Our program is open to children of all faiths and it is not our intention to indoctrinate the children in a particular way of believing. Our daily activities include table grace before lunch and activities that provide challenge to the child within the context of his/her appropriate developmental level. The total program is designed to foster positive self-esteem, initiative, independence and cooperation.

A child is, first and foremost, a member of a family. Our goal is to be an extension of that family, to expand the small caring family unit to a larger caring community of staff and other families. We will make every effort to work with you as a team to enhance your child s growth and development.

This handbook is provided as an effort to state the philosophy, policies and procedures of the Happy Kids Day Care Center. It may be amended by action of the Day Care Committee of the Emmanuel Reformed Church, functioning as the Board of Directors of Happy Kids Day Care Center. In any instance in which the handbook is in conflict with the New York State Department of Social Services regulations for Day Care centers, such regulations shall take precedent.


The Happy Kids Day Care Philosophy of Discipline is one that emphasizes positive guidance of children s behavior. To fulfill this philosophy, we will:

maintain consistency in program;

use objective observations;

re-direct the child;

restructure the environment;

be knowledgeable of developmental stages of the children;

work effectively with parents;

provide parents in-service workshops and education;

try to maintain consistency in staff.

We feel that, through increased knowledge and use of suitable and practical methods of guiding children s behavior, the day care environment will be a happy and comfortable one conducive to the development and flourishing of children.

It is our opinion that punishment in any form is controlled by the adult, and not a technique for discipline. Discipline is a learning experience for the child and offers them choices. It is also an opportunity for teaching self-control and building self-esteem. It is the goal of Happy Kids Day Care to help children grow to be responsible, civil, sensitive, human beings.

The guidelines that Happy Kids Day Care will follow, to resolve or focus on a particular behavior, is as follows:

The Staff will

tend to the child who has been hurt.

re-direct the child who needs to gain self control, and show the child positive alternatives.

remind the child about the rule of not hurting others.

use techniques of tracking behavior and/or shadowing the child who is showing the outbursts.

develop a plan incorporating information gained from tracking, shadowing and conferencing, with the parent(s).

refer to outside consultants for further evaluations.

Upon recommendations from consultants, work with child or request an alternative type of environment.

The Parent will

receive written communication regarding their child s behavior or receive written communication if the child was the recipient of an outburst by another child.

receive written communication of this process and a copy of the tool used.

Be asked to conference with the teachers and director to discuss developmental stages of the child and patterns seen from the tracking tool.

be involved in all stages of referrals.

adhere to suggested recommendations.

In all stages of techniques used, the child’s emotional needs and feelings are always respected.


Day care at Happy Kids Day Care is a nurturing experience for our children, where they can learn about themselves, their world, and one another, growing in love and fellowship. In order to attain this, we will:

Gain an understanding that all children are loved.

Foster love and concern for each other.

Develop an appreciation of kindness, friendliness, cooperation, and trust in one another.

Develop a sensitivity to, and appreciation for, beauty in the world around us.

Develop an understanding that children are different, yet alike.

Encourage creativity in use of individual talents and skills.

Develop a spirit of sharing and cooperation with others.

Develop each child s desire to inquire and discover through observation, experimentation, questioning and reasoning.

Provide experiences of successful achievement.

Provide varied experiences that will broaden each child s horizons, enrich his/her concepts, and develop his/her skills.

Increase language skills.

Develop a sense of responsibility and self-control.

Encourage self-understanding.

Gain a sense of confidence and self-respect.

Develop motor and manipulative skills.

Develop an awareness about physical growth.

Become aware of one s own body.

Activities to promote the above goals will vary according to your children s age. Happy Kids Day Care Staff will keep parents informed as to what these activities are by posting lesson plans and listing themes and activities in the monthly newsletter.


Location Happy Kids Day Care

1150 Maple Hill Road

Castleton, NY12033

we occupy the ground floor of the Emmanuel Reformed Church.

Hours/Days of Operation We are open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, for the full 12 months.

Phone Number (518) 732-4569. If an emergency arrives and you are unable to reach that number, you may call the church office at (518) 732-7766.

Snow Days The center will be closed or delayed on those days where there is a travel hazard and the staff is unable to get to the center safely. When Schodack Schools are in session we will follow their closings for hazardous road conditions. Other closings and delays will be made at the discretion of the director and/or the board of directors. Tuition is due for snow days. Closings and delays are announced on local news channels and radio stations. You can also sign up for school closing announcements to be sent directly to your phone on news channel CBS6 web sites.

HOLIDAYS The Center will be closed the following holidays:

New Year’s Day                                                    Columbus Day

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday                           Veteran's Day

                                                                 President’s Day                                                    Thanksgiving Day 

Good Friday                                                           Friday after Thanksgiving

Memorial Day                                                        Christmas Day

Independence Day                                                Day after Christmas

Labor Day


Tuition is due for these holidays. If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we will be closed on the closest business day. A schedule will be handed out at the beginning of each year.

Licensing The Happy Kids Day Care is licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. We fully support this licensing as it helps us to provide quality child care.

Staff All of the Happy Kids Day Care staff meet the required Office of Children and Family Services qualifications for teaching, by either holding a degree in Early Childhood Education, or having many years of experience in child care. In addition to the regular staff in your child’s room, we may use auxiliary staff when available. Student teachers from local universities may provide help. Auxiliary staff members will be supervised by both the Director and Head Teacher in their room.

All staff will have a medical exam prior to employment and yearly thereafter. All staff must be approved through the Department of Social Services State Central Register clearance screening.

Many of the staff have taken and passed the Red Cross Infant and Child First-Aid and CPR course. All full-time staff are required to attend thirty hours of in-service training workshops, seminars or conferences every two years in the following areas:

appropriate supervision of children

meeting the needs of children admitted to the center with special mental and/or physical conditions or handicaps

age appropriate child development activities

behavior management and discipline

health, safety, nutrition and first-aid

communication between parents and staff

child abuse and maltreatment prevention

Eligibility We are licensed to serve children six weeks to five years of age. We accept children on a full-time or part-time basis. Happy Kids Day Care does not discriminate on basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. We reserve the right to determine the eligibility of disabled children.


A parent/child and Director meeting is required prior to admission. We feel it is important for you and your child to see our Center and program firsthand. We encourage you to have your child visit the classroom he/she will be attending for one or more visits to help ease the transition.

Registration A non-refundable registration fee of $75 ($100 two children) is required. In addition a retainer or security deposit equal to two weeks tuition is due upon entering for your full-time or part-time child. This will be held in a non-interest bearing account and may be used for any delinquencies. The retainer or security deposit can be used to cover your child’s last two weeks when given two week’s notice and providing that your account is up to date.

Tuition Tuition is due the first day of the week your child will be attending Day Care. Tuition is charged for the holidays we are closed, when your child is absent due to illness, planned vacations or weather related closures ie: Snow days, serious summer weather which causes power outages and/or flooding. If tuition is not received by Friday there will be a $5 per day late fee added until that weeks tuition is received.

Application Forms All application forms must be returned to the Director before your child begins in the program. These forms include:

Blue Registration Card

Child’s Background Information Sheet

Permission to Participate in Happy Kids Day Care activities

Registration Agreement

Emergency Medical Release Form

Physical including record of current Immunizations

Authorized Pick-Up List

Code Name

Part-Time Admission We will accept children who require part-time care in our programs, when available. A minimum of two days per week is required. A part-time slot may have to be forfeited if maximum enrollment is reached, and a parent is in need of full-time day care. In such cases, parents will have the option to upgrade a part-time slot to full-time.


Full Time/Part Time Enrollment Full time tuition applies for any child at the Center 4 or more days a week. Part time tuition is for any student who attends a minimum of 2 days. Tuition is charged for holidays, and if the Center closes due to a snow day or an emergency. Full tuition is due if your child is out sick. In the event of prolonged illness of the child (2 weeks or more), adjustments may be made regarding tuition.

Family Discount We offer a discount for two or more children from the same family attending Happy Kids Day Care. The first child is charged full tuition. The second child receives an $8.00 discount per week and the third child receives a $12.00 discount per week.

Late Pick-Up Fee A $10.00 fee is charged should your child remain after 5:30 p.m. It must be paid upon arrival to the staff person who has remained at school with your child. A $10.00 fee will be charged for each 15 minute interval or part of a 15 minute interval.

Late Payment Fee Tuition is due the first day of your child s week at day care. If tuition is not received by Friday there will be a $5 per day late fee added until that weeks tuition is received.

Advance Payment Discount A discount will be applied to any family who can pay for tuition in advance. If you pay a year in advance, you will receive a discount of $90.00. Six months advanced payment earns a discount of $40.00. Payment for four weeks in advance is a discount of $5.00 per child.

Insufficient Funds There will be a $20.00 service charge for any check returned for "insufficient funds" If two checks are returned from the same party, they may be asked to pay in cash or money order in the future.

Retainer A retainer fee or security deposit equal to a tuition cost of one week will be required at the time of enrollment. The retainer fee will then be used to pay for your child s last week of care at the Center, if given two weeks written notice and your account is up to date.



Please DO NOT park in front of the Day Care entrance. This creates a very unsafe situation for your child and for vehicles coming and going. Please use the designated spaces in the lot.

PIease DO NOT drive your car to the back of the parking lot when the children are outside playing. This creates a very serious hazard to all the children playing outside. Please park near the building and walk to play area following the grassy edge and pick up your child. Please do not walk in the parking lot.

Please DO NOT leave your car running while dropping off or picking up your child.

Parents must accompany the child to the classroom and sign the child IN.

Please DO NOT allow your child to bring in toys from home. A soft toy to sleep with is all that will be allowed. All other toys from home will be kept in the directors office until the end of the day where a parent can retrieve it.

Take a minute to talk to the teachers and let them know of any special needs your child might require during the day. A notebook is provided in the infant room for parents to write any messages and for staff to use. The toddler and preschool rooms send home a daily note with highlights of your child’s day.

Parents of infants are asked to spend a few minutes writing in their child s notebook regarding the child s previous twelve hours, so that the staff will be able to meet his/her needs.

Please do not have your child wander around the halls of the church, or outside on their own. This is a busy place with various meetings, and cars coming in and out of the parking lot.

When picking up your child, please be sure to sign your child OUT. Check any messages left by the teachers. Be sure to bring home any "treasures" or special pictures created during the day. Check for newsletters and/or other memos from your child s teachers or the Director.

Check cubbies for soiled clothing and projects and completed work every day.

If someone other than the child s parent or legal guardian or any person not designated on the release form, is to pick him/her up, we are to be notified in advance in writing and informed of the person s name and description. In case of an emergency, you may phone us with that information. The person will be asked to show proof of identification and must know the "code" name for the child.

lf you have a change of address, change of job or phone number, Please notify us in advance. Also give us a phone number if you plan to be out of your office or not at home so you can be reached for an emergency.


To insure that your children are always in a safe environment, the following precautions are taken at the Center:

All flammable or poisonous products, such as cleaning items, are stored away from the classrooms and out of the reach of the children.

Fire drills are conducted on a monthly basis and records are kept.

An emergency evacuation plan is established and posted in various locations in the classrooms. All staff are instructed as to their specific responsibilities in case of a fire.


Happy Kids Day Care Center wants to provide a healthy environment for children to develop and grow. Parents are asked to cooperate to minimize the spread of communicable diseases throughout the Center. We realize that keeping your child at home when he/she is sick poses many problems for you. However, we ask that you consider the effect your child s health has on the other children and staff at the Center. Please make arrangements ahead of time for alternate child care when your child is ill.

Physical Each child must have a physical exam prior to admission. Infants between the ages of six weeks and six months must have a physical within 15 days prior to admission. Each child must have an annual medical examination. Parents of all children must show proof that immunizations are current, and testing of lead screening has been done. Infants must have routinely updated immunizations. These records will be examined by our health care consultant, and kept in each child s file.

Heath Precautions

The classrooms are cleaned on a daily basis and kept neat and sanitary.

A daily health check will be made of each child to be sure the child does not show symptoms of illness, abuse or neglect.

A registered nurse visits and instructs staff as to the general care and proper techniques required to insure the health and safety of the children.

Toys and equipment are cleaned and sanitized daily for the infants and toddlers. All others will be periodically cleaned and sanitized, as needed.

Bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected daily. Completely washable potty chairs and flush-able toilets are used for toilet training in the toddler room.

Children are taught the importance of proper hand washing before meals and after using the bathroom. Staff also uses proper hand washing techniques before and after diapering, and when working with or serving food.

A first aid kit is kept in each classroom out of the reach of the children. A written notification pertaining to any minor accident will be given to the parent when they pick their child up.

Staff members are not allowed to work while showing symptoms of a communicable disease and/or infection.

Illness Any child who becomes ill during the day will be given a quiet place to lie down. The parent will be contacted and asked to pick up the child as soon as possible. We cannot allow a sick child to remain at the Center any longer than necessary.

List of possible exclusions

1. An illness that prevents the child from participating in daily activities.

2. An illness resulting in a greater need for care than the child care staff can provide.

3. Fever, accompanied by behavioral changes or other signs of illness.

a. Fever is defined as an elevation in body temperature.

Children 6 months of age and younger, a temperature registering in the ear of 100.0 degrees or above.

Children 7 months and above, a temperature registering in the ear of 101.0 degrees or above.

**The child cannot return until their temperature has been normal for 24 hours without the aide of fever reducing medications.

4. Signs and symptoms of possible serious illness including:

a. Lethargy ( more tired than usual).

b. Uncontrolled coughing.

c. Persistent crying, irritability, inconsolable.

d. Difficulty breathing (faster than usual, nasal flaring, use if accessory muscles)

e. Wheezing

5. Diarrhea (frequent watery stools not associated with diet changes or antibiotic use).

a. Children with diarrheal illness of infectious origin generally are allowed to return to child care once they have gone 24 hours without a bout of diarrhea.

b. Diarrhea caused by salmonella typhi, shigella or E.Coli 0157:H7 require that children have negative stool cultures to return to child care.

-Three negative stool cultures are needed for Salmonella typhi and two negative cultures for Shigella and E.Coli 0157:H7.

6. Vomiting illness (two or more episodes within the previous 24 hours.

a. Vomiting with symptoms such as lethargy and/ or dry skin or mucous membranes with reduced urine output may be an indication of dehydration.

A child with these symptoms must be evaluated medically.

7. Persistent Abdominal Pain that continues for more than two hours or bloody stools.

8. Mouth sores with Drooling.

9. Skin Rashes.

a. Rash with Fever

b. Rash with Behavioral Changes

c. Chicken Pox

d. Impetigo

e. Shingles (herpes zoster)

f. Herpes Simplex

10. Conjunctivitis ( pink eye)

11. Head Lice (HKDC will follow a no nit policy)

12. Strep Throat (may return after 24 hours of antibiotic therapy)

13. Tuberculosis (until cleared by Health Official)

14. Pertussis (whooping cough) may return after 5 days antibiotic therapy.

15. Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis A (Health Consultant or Health Department will provide information regarding isolation and exclusion)

** This exclusion criteria is to be used as a guideline to help protect the health and safety of all children and staff in our program.

Or if your child cannot fully participate in the Center activities or requires a one-on-one from a staff person.

If your child has a communicable disease, infection or infestation, a note will be

required from the physician stating that the child is no longer contagious and

able to return to the program. Parents should inform their physician that the child

attends a day care so extra precaution can be taken in determining when a child may

return to group care after an illness. Teachers should be notified of any incidents at

home that may be indicators of an impending illness.

Medication By New York State Department of Social Services regulations, no

provider of day care services shall be required to give any medication, prescription or

other remedy or treatment. All medication administration must be done in a manner that follows New York State Day Care Regulations, section 418.11 (f)

Happy Kids Day Care is Authorized to Administer Internal Medication,

form OCFS- LDSS-7002 must be used as the written order in (f) (1) and (g) as stated.

Health Care Consultant Happy Kids Day Care has a contract with The Capital District Child Care Coordinating Council for a health care consultant, this consultant is a registered nurse who will visit the center from time to time to observe the general

health of the infant, toddler and preschool groups. She/He will Also provide training and instruction to the staff and teachers in any specific health area as requested.

Medical Emergency Procedure The Center is set up to minimize the risk of

physical injury and to safeguard the chance of getting sick, but occasionally one or

the other may happen. In case of serious injury or illness, the Director or other person

in charge will have the responsibility of calling the parent and the ambulance. If the

parent can not be reached, prior permission will have been obtained and kept on file

to seek medical attention at Albany Medical Center. The Director or other person in

charge has the responsibility of accompanying the child and taking the child s

records to the hospital. A file is kept next to the Director s phone with the parents

home and work phone numbers. The Castleton Volunteer Ambulance squad will be

called, and they will determine if the child needs to be hospitalized.

If the parent chooses not to have their child brought to Albany Medical Center, they

must supply us with the proper release form for the hospital they prefer. This release

form must be signed, notarized and be on file the first day the child starts school.

Other Emergencies

In the event the Center will have to be evacuated or closed, you will be contacted by the Director or a Parent Representative by phone. Children will be re-located to Maple Hill High School.

AIDS Policy

The Day Care situation provides no or little risk to children or teachers of transmission of the disease commonly referred to as AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Happy Kids Day Care recognizes its obligation to be aware of the most recent information available on this disease and to train its staff in the best and most modern techniques for minimizing the danger of the spread of this and all other communicable diseases. Happy Kids Day Care also recognizes its legal obligation to maintain the confidentiality of any information, which it receives as a day care provider and which pertains to a child who may have tested positive for AIDS. A copy of the law which sets forth the requirement of confidentiality is available upon request, or see New York Public Health SS2780, 2782. Happy Kids Day Care practices the Universal Precautions for the spread of any communicable disease.


Happy Kids Day Care Center is aware that child abuse exists in our society. Our management practices, such as meeting child/staff ratios and training of staff in effective discipline methods, helps to provide a safe environment for your child and recognizes its obligation in being mandated to report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect to the New York State Department of Social Services.


We serve a nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. All meals have been approved by the New York State Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), the New York State Health Department and the New York State Department of Social Services.

We feel that proper nutrition is an important part of the total learning experience made available at Happy Kids Day Care. The children have an opportunity to take part in cooking activities, helping to prepare snack and desserts.

A monthly menu is posted in all of the classrooms. A copy is included in the enrollment packet. Copies are also available upon request.

We encourage all children to try and taste new foods. Lunch time gives the child an opportunity to improve his/her social skills and language development. Our meals are served family style so that the child s independence is also encouraged. Teachers sit and have lunch with the children.

Infants under one year are eligible for the infant meal plan as approved by the New York State CACFP, the New York State Health Department and the New York State Department of Social Services. This program is not mandatory.

Food Allergies:

If your child has any food allergies, you are required by the Department of Social Services to have on file a written order from your doctor. We will substitute foods or drink for your child, if possible with what we have on our menu. If special or specific foods or drink are required, you will be asked to supply them.

Foods that are categorized as junk foods are not allowed in our program. Please do not bring these items for the children. Because we provide nutritious foods, do not have your child bring in his/her own lunch or snack. If your child would like to share a snack with his/her friends, fruit is always welcome. Please speak to your child s teachers first.


Birthdays are a very special time for the children. We love to have that extra special day shared at the Center. A birthday snack for your child to share with his/her friends always makes them feel "special." Cupcakes seem to work the best. They would be given out for afternoon snack. Please speak to your child s teachers first, as this will alert you to any children who may allergies. Party paraphernalia (example: hats, horns, favors, balloons, presents, candy, cups, napkins, tablecloths) are not allowed.



A complete change of clothing (including socks and underwear) should be available for your child in his/her cubby in case of accidents and/or messes. They should be appropriate for the weather. Please clearly label everything with your child s name to be kept at school. We can not be responsible for unmarked clothing and possessions. A separate list is given to infant and toddler parents as to what is needed for their child. Happy Kids does not keep changes of clothing on site. This is the parents responsibility to supply and replace as needed.

Dress your child appropriately. Sneakers are preferred. Your children will be busy playing, learning and exploring. They will get dirty. Please dress your child in clothing that they will not be concerned with getting dirt, paint, mud or other material on. Also, weather permitting, we will spend time outside. Please send in the appropriate outer wear as the children go outside everyday weather permitting.


We believe that children s play is their work, and that it is as important that each child have an opportunity to rest. All toddlers will be put down for a nap at the same time. Each child will have their own cot. The preschool children will be given an opportunity to rest quietly, or nap on their own cot. We encourage the parents to bring in a favorite blanket or something soft to cuddle. This should be clearly marked with your child s name. Please be sure to take home his/her blanket each week to be laundered.


Daily Log:

Each child has his/her own journal in which the teachers write a short summary of how his/her day went. The infant teachers list all of the activities the child did, including what the child ate and how much and when; when they slept; and other activities the child enjoy. The toddler and preschool teachers will list the child s activities and may include such items as what art activities they did; whether they went outside and any special concerns the teachers may have.

Parents are welcome to write in the journals in response to what the teachers wrote; to tell how their child s night or morning was; to list concerns or ask specific questions about the program. Infant parents are especially encouraged to write in the logs, such items as when they last ate and how their night was so that the teachers will have an idea about the child s needs.

Daily Verbal Exchange:

It is important that you share with the Director and/or the teachers any needs or concerns you have about your child. These discussions should be approached in a calm professional manner by both the Happy Kids staff as well as parents. If you have concern regarding the quality of care offered at Happy Kids please feel free contact the board of directors.

Monthly Newsletter:

Each month a newsletter is sent home. In it, the Director updates the parents on the happenings at the Center. Also helpful articles and activities are included. A page of information about the children and their activities from the infant, toddler and preschool rooms is also included.

Parent Teacher Conferences:

Conferences are held twice a year to discuss your child s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Parents are encouraged to attend these conferences with their child s teachers. Conferences may be scheduled prior to your child s transition into another group, or at the request of a parent or a teacher at anytime.


Unless enrollment permits, we will not automatically move your child into the next group on their birthday. We will follow the New York State regulations when "transitioning" your child into the next group. This will enable the child to interact among his/her peers. A developmentally appropriate program will be designed to meet the needs of a particular group of children should the need arise.


Happy Kids Day Care Center offers a ‘learning through play" program. We believe that children learn through discovery. Our day is set up so that the child may have time for group social interaction, quiet time, teacher-directed activities, child-initiated activities, rest time, gross motor and fine motor play.

Infant Room:

The Infant Room is a nurturing environment. The child s needs are met in a loving, caring and stimulating setting. Their schedules are flexible and are determined by each infant s needs

Toddler Room:

The Toddler Room is a "learning through senses" curriculum. They have lots of room to learn and explore.

Preschool Rooms:

The preschool class engages in socialization, independence, and language and school readiness skills in a more structured environment. Your child s total development is encouraged.


Our policy permits video viewing for "rainy days" or if appropriate for the lesson plan theme. We will NOT show a video that we feel is inappropriate.

Behavioral Problems:

The Center is committed to provide the kind of program for young children that is supportive to their development. Sometimes, a situation may arise in which a child may have difficulty coping. As a staff we are here to assist the child in developing the necessary social/emotional skills to deal with many situations, and begin to understand what is positive social behavior.

If a child consistently has difficulty coping with what is deemed "acceptable" ways of handling a situation, we will make every effort to work with you to obtain an outside consultant to assist us all in helping the child work through his/her conflicts.

Happy Kids Day Care reserves the right to request that a family withdraw their child from the program if:

the child s needs require an additional staff person on hand and/or;

an alternative type of environment is necessary for the child to grow and develop fully.


Classroom Observations:

You are welcome to spend time in your child s classroom. This is a great way to get to know the children in your child s class. Please consult with the Director as to what day would be appropriate.

Field Trips:

The Preschool group will go on field trips throughout the year as part of their total learning experience. This opportunity allows them to learn about the world around them, interact with their peers in a "non-school" environment, develop their social skills and vocabulary, and have fun.

When possible, we will travel in a Schodack School District Central Bus, but on many occasions, this will not be possible and we ask for your help in driving. All the children love to have their parents attend the field trips whether it is by bus or car. The opportunity to share in your child s life experiences will be memories not forgotten. On all field trips, we welcome all parents who can attend.

Parents have three options regarding participation in field trips, and their choice should be noted on the permission slips. In all cases, tuition would be due for the day in question:

The child may attend the field trip without their parent. Transportation would be provided by the Center staff, another parent or Schodack Central Schools.

The parent may accompany the child and, if needed, provide transportation.

The child will not attend Happy Kids Day Care for the duration of the field trip, and alternate care must be obtained by the parent.


The Center relies on fund-raiser revenues to enhance the quality of our children s care. These funds are used to buy new toys and equipment for the Center.

Board Members:

Four parents who have their children enrolled at the Happy Kids Day Care will represent the total day care parent community as Parent Representatives on the Day Care Board.

Skills and Talents;

If a parent has a special skill or talent, we would be happy to have you come in and share it with us. Please let the Director of the Head Teachers know in advance so a date may be planned.

Parent Committees:

Parents have an opportunity to become involved in Day Care matters by volunteering for committees. Current committees are: playground, fund-raising and scholarship.


In an effort to provide affordable, quality child care, Happy Kids Day Care offers a scholarship fund for eligible parents. An application must be completed and submitted to the Director. The Scholarship committee will review all applications.


The Day Care Board is responsible for the operation of the Center. The Board is a committee of members of the Emmanuel Reformed Church and parent representatives. The minister and the Director are ex-officio members of the Board.


Should questions or concerns arise regarding your child s care or the procedures or policy of the center, parents should follow the steps described to seek resolution of the problems.

1.Concerns regarding day-to-day activities in a particular room, a child s development, or any routine matter should be directed to one of your child s Head Teachers.

2.Concerns regarding scheduling, advancement, or the policies of the Center should be addressed to the Director. The Director should be consulted if the concerns previously raised to the Head Teacher are not resolved.

3.If a concern regarding a policy of the Center cannot be resolved with the Director, a Parent Representative should be consulted to discuss the issue and, if necessary, to raise the issue before the Board of Directors.

4.If a conflict persists, a parent or the Director may request a Conflict Resolution Meeting to more formally address the issue. Such a meeting would be attended by the parent, the Director, a Parent representative and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. Attendance of others (teachers, minister, etc.) may also be helpful in settling the conflict. The purpose of such a meeting is to settle the dispute by mutual consent in a small group, open discussion setting.

5.A parent may make a presentation to the Board of Directors at the beginning of a Board Meeting. The Director should be notified at least three days in advance so that the meeting agenda can be modified. Generally, the Board will only consider matters related to Center policies and procedures, and will rely on the professional judgment of the Director in addressing matters relating to child care.