Our Program

Happy Kids Day Care is located at
1150 Maple Hill Rd.
Castleton, NY 12033
The day care is a year round program and operates Monday - Friday from 7:00am - 5:30pm
Happy Kids offers both part time and full time care for Infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
Tuition assistance is available to qualifying families.

   Infant Care:
Our infant program offers a warm, caring, nurturing environment, where babies and families can feel safe and secure. Our infant teachers will introduce language to your child through singing, talking and beginning hand signs. While in our care, the children are stimulated through music, exercise, outdoor time, (weather permitting ) tummy time, facial and verbal mimicking as well as lots of hugs and tickles. Infants will also be introduced to activities which will promote physical and creative development, and to learn from the world around them. Although we have a basic daily schedule with plans and activities, the infant room will generally be determined by the babies' own schedules (feedings, naps, and comforting on demand).Your infants day will reflect a balance of on-demand care and developmentally appropriate activities to support infant's development.

   Toddler Care:
Our toddler program provides an atmosphere to encourage your child to explore his/ her environment. While in our toddler room you can expect your child to learn many things in a creative and exciting way. Our toddlers spend time running, climbing, playing outside, and using a variety of sensory based items to create different projects.  Your toddler will engage in daily story time, circle time, music and movement time, and free play, while focusing on gross motor development. Your child will also learn to socialize and problem solve to began to learn to share and cooperate with other children, his/her age. The toddlers in our care will also begin to learn basic self help skills, and will build stronger communication skills. Our staff is dedicated in helping each child develop these skills through a trusting and loving relationship.
  Preschool Care:
Your preschooler will enjoy a curriculum that promotes physical and cognitive development through play and exploration. Learning and creativity are incorporated into free and structured activities during your preschoolers day. Our pre-school curriculum which is play based will strengthen academic skills and offers a variety of social, emotional, cultural, cognitive, recreational, and hands on educational experiences that are developmentally appropriate to the age of the children. Our pre-school program offers experiences that are designed to influence positive self- esteem, by recognizing each individuals strengths and unique experiences.
A schedule of program activities offers both teacher and child initiated activities which foster independence, exploration and experimentation. The program also provides daily supervised outdoor play on the center’s own playground.